Monday, January 10, 2011 scams is a scam. This is not a legitimate jobs website. It is run by 2 shifty scammers from Manchester who use web crawling spiders to scrap listings from ligitimate jobs website and then list them as their own.
What is worse, they charge naive people $80 USD to access jobs listed on legitimate websites for free and for a bunch of non -existent services.
They have no relationship to the famous al Jazeera TV station.
Every claim on their website is a lie:
* they do NOT proactively place your CV with leading HR systems in the region
* their database is NOT pulled by leading HR departments
* You will NOT gain access to unlisted jobs.
* they have NO customer support. No staff. The General Manager listed on the website is not a real person.
So be warned! AlJazeera Jobs is a scam. Do be ripped off.
Click on the URL Link: 

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