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iPod Touch Second Generation Review

iPod Touch is of course a portable media player with built-in Wi-Fi  designed by the Apple Company.  It's slim, light in weight and has a  screen of 3,5 inches. Yes, it looks god and it's interesting. It's a  nice gadget offered by Apple with wireless connection and great sound  quality.

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The <strong>second generation iPod </strong>was released in 2008 (September) at  the "Let's Rock" keynote presentation. It has a built-in speaker,  ability to connect a microphone, external volume controls and Bluetooth.  The speakers that the iPod has are extremely useful if you want to use  it for alarms or if you want to listen music without your earbuds. We  must say that if you choose to watch a movie or a video using the  speakers, you will find it very comfortable.  The quality of the  speakers is not that good, but it's good to have them instead of nothing  at all.

Apple made the volume control easier for you by adding the outside  volume buttons. Let's face it, you know that it was annoying when you  wanted to change the volume by using he touch-based interface. Apple  made it easier, made the volume control more accessible without touching  the iPod's screen. An interesting addition to this iPod is full Nike+ integration and  also the Genius feature. The last one can take the characteristics of  one song and creates an entire playlist based on those things. Now it's  fun when you want to play with your playlist and with your music  library.

Another feature that must be mentioned in this <strong>iPod Touch second Generation review</strong> is the high resolution "Cover Flow". It's a nice feature, but if you're  using something like Limewire (when you import your songs), you can't  get any Cover Flow. Another problem can be when you touch the screen  accidentally. Because the screen in extremely sensitive, if you are  touching it when a song is playing, the volume will increase to the  maximum. Than can't be good for your ears and can really hurt you.

The models available for the<strong> iPod Touch 2nd generation</strong>, offer  you a capacity of 8 Gb, 16 GB and 32 GB. It still needs improvement and  maybe it's not worth upgrading. There aren't so many differences between  this one and the original one, but of you are thinking of buying a new  iPod, maybe you should try this one too.

Even though this second generation iPod is thinner that the last  version, we must say the battery's life is better. It can offer you 6  hours of video playback and 36 hours of audio playback. After all, this iPod is a great mobile device. It's a nice gadget for  anyone who likes surfing the web, playing games and of course,  listening music. Overall, it's a good iPod with some great features and  if you are really interested in buying one, then you should. It's  cheaper that the last version and it has some good things to offer. It's  your choice and we hope that this <strong>iPod Touch second Generation review</strong> was helpful.

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