Wednesday, January 12, 2011

NetApp refreshes product lines

NetApp has launched new platform features, products, and technologies designed to help customers move towards a more flexible and efficient shared IT infrastructure, the basis of cloud computing.

"There's a significant change underway as CIOs look to better align IT to the speed of business and get IT budgets under control," said Andreas König, senior vice president general manager EMEA, NetApp. "This is a pivotal time, because the decisions IT leaders make will not only impact how they compete today but also the long-term success of their businesses. Winners in this market are thinking and choosing differently, and more customers are turning to NetApp as their storage platform to achieve greater flexibility and efficiency. We are paving the way for customers to transition to a shared IT infrastructure that will help them be ready for the future and use IT as a tool to capitalise on new growth opportunities."

The new product updates in NetApp's unified architecture and systems portfolio are upgrades to the NetApp Data ONTAP 8, more products in the NetApp FAS/V6200 and NetApp FAS/V3200 series' plus the introduction of solid state drives (SSDs) and introduction of the third generation of the NetApp SAS Disk Shelf.

The new NetApp Data ONTAP 8 features include Unified Connect, which now supports all protocols through a single wire, designed to increase efficiency and performance. Improvements to the NetApp DataMotion for Volumes now allows customers to shift big amounts of data within their systems without disruupting everyday business operations. In addition, NetApps new inline data compression has been designed to be used alone, or with deduplication, to help reduce the amounts of storage needed and improve efficiency.

The NetApp FAS/V6200 Series has three new high-end storage systems, the FAS/V6280, FAS/V6240, and FAS/V6210.

These additions to the series means NetApps has increased enterprise-class availability, and added more scalability and flexibility.

The NetApp FAS/V3200 Series is a family of three new midrange storage systems, the FAS/V3270, FAS/V3240, and FAS/V3210. These are designed to be cost-effective platforms which deliver high-performance for mid-range storage requirements.

The introduction of NetApp SSDs to NetApp's portfolio allows more flexibility for customers who need fast response times for mission-critical applications. The new SSDs have high input and output operations per second and can be used for SAN or NAS without needing a gateway or different storage system.

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