Sunday, January 30, 2011

Populate your Wordpress Blog on Autopilot!

This hub concerns the subject of populating your blog on autopilot.

Many people would ask, why would I wish to populate my blog in this manner? Bloggers typically fall into two categories.

The first category of Bloggers are the passionate purists. The passionate purist is a blogger who has a personal love for a specific topic, activity or way of life. They spend allotted time in their schedule to relax, pour a cup of coffee and write their personal views to share with anyone and everyone on the world wide web who wishes to share in the experience. These individuals methodically update their blogs, review all their comments and find new and exciting ways to convey their thoughts through blogging.

The second category of Bloggers are the monetization moguls. These individuals have discovered the efficacy of creating many blogs, sometimes hundreds of blogs, about niche specific topics to drive traffic to their main hubs. This traffic can then be converted into cash using tools such as Google Adsense and Amazon stores. These individuals often have a 'submit and forget it' strategy of building blogs for the purpose of traffic generation, SEO exposure and monetization.

The primary advantage to populating your Blog using RSS feeds on autopilot is the content rich upkeep of a niche specific feeder Blog. Utilizing the power of Google to update all other major search engines on the web, increasing your page rank and pinging trackback services. This will send more spiders to your site from the major search engines, increasing your ranking in their search results. The higher your listing is in the results, the more traffic you will receive. The more traffic you receive, the more likely your ability to monetize that traffic.

Wordpress is a fantastic blogging platform. You can create your own free Wordpress blog at , download Wordpress software at and create your own blog, or you can sign up for websites that use the Wordpress MU to allow others to create their own blogs on an established system. The techniques outlined in this video are demonstrated on my own personal website, but apply readily to any Wordpress Blog system.

The two major components that are required in this video are a Wordpress Blog and the use of Google Alerts to build RSS feed population of the Blog. Everything that you need in order to utilize this strategy is completely free. There is no charge to create a Wordpress Blog and there are no charges associated with usingGoogle Alerts.

The video you are about to watch is completely created by myself and does not contain any copyright materials. I hope that you enjoy this video and hope that you find the techniques useful.

Instructional Video

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