Saturday, January 29, 2011

Prevent iPhone, iPod Touch & iPad Firmware from Accidentally Getting Updated with RecoveryGuard (Cydia App)

Those who are into iPhone jailbreaking & unlocking scene for long would always advice newbies, not to update iPhone to any new firmware . Despite of warnings many iPhone owner end up updating iPhone firmware by mistakenly clicking onto update button in iTunes.

Here is an excellent Cydia app from Pushfix repository, RecoveryGuard to help your friends from accidentally updating iPhone. RecoveryGuard is still in beta but it protects from updating iOS 3.1.2 thru 4.2.1. The package blocks iTunes from being able to put your iDevice into recovery mode. This prevents normal upgrades & restore. It also makes iTunes think your iPhone device is up-to-date.



RecoveryGuard supports iPhone, iPod Touch & iPad.

You can install RecoveryGuard from repo.

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