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10 reasons why apple ipad will be a hit


The mythical tablet device from Apple is already the most anticipated device in the gadgets history, all thanks to the Apple's theory: "Hype it, to Ripe it". As far as we have covered it so far, we can conclude the following things:

  1. The device is for real. Yes it is, and we do not go by the words of some of the other blogs that have an alternate theory lined up: The new device could very well be a new iPhone with much larger display and high-end capabilities. Most of the people who are using the iPhone, do not expect any other ground breaking device similar to iPhone for now. The screen is large enough for crisp videos and movies, the phone is capable enough to handle few tasks at a time (Yes, even we do expect couple more parallel running apps) and no one is certainly going  to replace a high-end PC or a netbook from his workspace, for an iPhone. Even the statements from Steve Jobs that it will be the biggest thing he would reveal, are satisfying enough to confirm that iPad is coming.
  2. Most of the rumored/leaked pics are not real. Yes, even we reported one yesterday, which looks funny enough to be an iPad, that image could well be a gigantic iPhone (if you believe so !).
  3. It will run an OS very similar to iPhone. Yes, most of the tech blogs are already reporting from their Web logs that a new and different version, similar to the coming iPhone OS 4.0 is appearing in their stats. As we reported on the full review about upcoming event of Apple, the new version of iPhone OS will surely support multi-touch capabilities and multitasking. Could it be that Apple is releasing iPhone OS 4.0 just for the iPad ? Looks interesting, but not confirmed.
  4. The screen size and pricing details: We are again and again stressing our theory that iPad will have something larger than atleast 10 inches. For the pricing details, the $1000 tag seems very costly for the recession hit market. But the monetizing part is Apple's overhead and not ours !

For confirming all the theories and the rumors doing rounds on websphere, we still have to wait for the Apple event on Wednesday 27th January 2010. We will be following the event very closely through live streaming and will be reporting every confirmed detail. If you are interested enough, you can also follow this event live and online.

But, we thought it appropriate to write down our wish-list for the Apple iPad before the event goes live and details are revealed. Here are 10 reasons that can make this device a big success:

  1. OLED display: It is highly unlikely that we will get this feature for now. At best, we can expect HD display with LCD.
  2. Resolution and pixels: As we said, HD resolution is crucial. It maybe that the device will have 720p natively and can support 1080p via external screen.
  3. E-book reader: All the current E-Book readers in market are grayscale and dull. Wouldn't you fancy to read your favorite magazines and e-books with all the colorful pics? Even Amazon is turned-on to emerge as the major player in the e-book reader section with its Kindle. We are sure enough that Apple has confirmed plans to take down Kindle from the market with iPad.
  4. Connectivity:It's very likely that iPad will have built-in support for Wi-fi and 3G network. A fixed 3G plan with a network provider like Verizon or AT&T will make it more interesting.
  5. Camera: It will definitely have dual-side camera. Also, for comfortable chat via iChat will demand something more than 5 megapixels.
  6. Multi-touch: As we and everyone else is reporting, a multi-touch is what we want from the device. The iPhone doesn't have system-wide support for it now. What can be more interesting than browsing iTunes with multi-touch features?
  7. Multi-tasking: Yes, if in any way Apple has decided to compete in notebook and netbooks in the market, multi-tasking is bare minimum in the tablet device.
  8. Battery-life: If the iPad features to a competition for notebooks, a long-lasting battery-life is what end-users want. Atleast lasting for 2 hours initially, that too with movie and gaming.
  9. Apps: As already in the reports, Apple is willing to launch the device to support the apps already in the iPhone store. Do not expect new category of apps for iPad in the beginning. It is unlikely that a new app store will be launched, just for iPad so soon.
  10. Price: When we are talking at length about the multi-tasking device, it all comes down to price. Will an average end-user afford to own it for a $1000 price-tag, as every other tech blog is reporting ? We are definite that they cannot. A music enthusiast will be happy to own an iPod or iPhone touch, for the money that supports his wallet. It can be a totally different case, if it is launched with $1000 pricing and Steve Jobs will even very well convince the users for this tablet.

So, this is our wish-list for the iPad going to be announced at the Apple event on Wednesday. We are not sure how many of these will come to reality in the tablet, but we will definitely keep you informed about it.

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