Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Handbag Heroine Takes On Armed Robbers

A handbag heroine has apparently fought off robbers armed with sledgehammers as they attempted a smash-and-grab raid at a jewellery store.

Footage filmed by a passer-by shows six men brazenly smashing their way into the Michael Jones Jeweller in Gold Street, Northampton, at 9.30am.

As staff activate automated shutters to protect the store's windows, the video shows a woman in a red coat running across the road towards the men, armed only with her handbag.

The footage shows her raining blows down on the armed gang with her bag, chasing them away from the shop where they attempt to make a getaway on their scooters.

The woman attacks six men with her handbag as they attempt to rob jewellery store in Northampton

The handbag heroine took on six armed robbers

But in their panic, two of the men fall off their scooter right in front of the woman who has bent down to pick up some dropped jewellery and she takes the opportunity to hit them with her bag once again.

It is at that point the heroine is joined by other members of the public, including the cameraman, who manage to restrain one of the gang members.

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