Friday, August 26, 2011

How can you find uae ranking of universities?

There are several levels of accreditation a university can get in order to be better than others. The basic accreditation you should be looking for is the ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research (MOHESR) accreditation in the UAE. Any university that does not have this accreditation is basically not approved/accepted by the UAE Ministry of Education and hence, your degree in the UAE is as good as non-existent and the money spent is spent in vain.

So, the basic thing you should look for is the MOHESR accreditation. Then you should look for international accreditation that a university has. The highest accreditation in the world is the International AACSB accreditation.This accreditation is the top ranked accreditation worldwide and it is so hard for business universities to take to the extent that only 5% of business schools worldwide has it. Harvard Business School is an example of the business universities carrying this accreditation. In the UAE, only 2 universities have the AACSB accreditation: UAE University in Al Ain and the University of Dubai in Dubai. Unfortunately, the American University in Dubai and the American University in Sharjah do not carry this prestigious accreditation (they have other international accreditation but not as strong and globally respected as AACSB).

So, I suppose the choice is easy if you want a business school. Choose a university that is accredited by the top accreditation body in the world (read more about AACSB on their website to understand more about it.

Also, cost is another way to look at universities in Dubai. Again, I emphasize, ONLY LOOK AT ACCREDITED universities. Now, amongst accredited universities, a 15 credit hour semester (5 courses) averages 38,000 dirhams in the AUS, 32,000 in the AUD and almost 18,000 in the University of Dubai. Despite the better education you get from the University of Dubai (because of the higher accreditation), the university has kept its cost pretty reasonable as they have not yet moved to their 3 million square feet campus in the academic city. So, it is a great opportunity to take this chance and be part of the best business & IT education in the UAE at this quite low prices. The only issue I assume with the UAE university is its location. If you are up to going to Al Ain daily, or living there, then UAE University is another good option.

I know how difficult it is for students and parents to go through choosing a university and I Hope that helped.

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