Tuesday, December 6, 2011

United Arab Emirates new 500-dirham note confirmed

According to an article on Khaleej Times, on 29 November 2011, the Central Bank of the United Arab Emirates introduced a revised 500-dirham (US$136) note with new security features. 

The new notes are like the preceding issues (CBA B24 / P24c & P32), but the holographic stripe at right front has been replaced by G&D's varifeye thread with see-through window. Extending throughout the window is an optically-variable stripe showing the National Emblem, a falcon head and denomination value. The old windowed metallic thread on the back of the note is replaced with a broader 3-mm wide color-shifting window thread with demetalized UAE 500. The metallic ink surrounding the UAE emblem on the top portion of the obverse side is replaced by multicolor ink print. The metallic silver ink at the bottom left of the banknote is replaced by a multicolor latent image. The falcon on the reverse side of the note is made smaller, and there is no intaglio printing on the reverse side of the banknote.

Anyone interested in buying one of these notes can contact the contributor by clicking the link below. Be sure to say you saw it mentioned on Banknotenews.com.

Courtesy of Abdullah Beydoun and Claudio Marana.

P.S. These notes are included in the United Arab Emirates chapter of The Banknote Book, a 12-page catalog which covers every note (71 types and varieties, including 12 notes unlisted in the SCWPM) issued by the United Arab Emirates Currency Board from 1973 to 1976, and the United Arab Emirates Central Bank from 1982 until present day. Revised 3 December 2011.


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