Tuesday, September 7, 2021

The UAE Golden, Green and Freelance Visas


On the other hand, a new visa category was announced by the UAE Government on Sunday – the Green Visa. Similarly, the Green Visa also aims to target skilled workers, investors, entrepreneurs, outstanding students, and talented graduates, but what makes it different from the Golden Visa?

Firstly, the Green Visa will allow foreign residents to sponsor their parents and sons until the age of 25, as opposed to the traditional rule whereby a parent could only sponsor sons until the age of 18. Additionally, the Green Visa will not be related to work permits, and it will allow whose visa has expired, or those who have lost their jobs, to remain in the UAE for 180 days, in comparison with the general grace period of 30 days. This is considered a major incentive as most visas are tied to employment.

An additional visa category was also announced on Sunday, titled the ‘Freelancers Visa’, making it easier for those who are self-employed to work without obtaining work permits and employment contracts. This aims to draw specialists, professionals, and retirees to fundamental sectors in the near future.

With the new visa system, the UAE is supporting families as well as the economy. Residents are now able to take an integrated path from entering the country to attaining a long-term Golden Visa.

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