Saturday, December 25, 2010

Just thoughts ep. (1) Gift of life and death introduction indicators

The gift of God "the Spirit of life" given by birth and taken by death and its mystery  is based on the following outcome indicator: (God knows):
The indicator comes on:
1 - Degree of love, harmony and understanding between parents mainly - since they are partners, comitted to a contract witnessed by God and His angels - and also between close relatives and the surrounding community.
2 - the surrounding circumstances in that moment and at that place such as the need, poverty, nescience or disbelief, while on the other hand, wealth, ability, science and faith.
3 - Introductions or results of the work or deeds of parents.
There are the souls of tormented and tormenting while on the other hand, the hearts of satisfied and successful , all according to the indicator above.
And "How wonderful is the human Drudge - I say man and not the believer only - is the toil in this life and God created his children either to offer aid to him or increase the load on him or becomes on the enemy side.

According to the verse (O you who believe that some of your wives and some of your children might become your enemy, but beware of them and Explore the pardon and forgive the ...), and Mujahid said that "your wives and your children might be your enemy," i.e. severing ties of kinship or disobey his Lord. And God ensures that the believers of his existance and the existance of a message to deliver and to do in favor of the humanitarian, God will furnish thier life and death with the satisfaction and acceptance, Great Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) said ( How wonderful is the believer, for all his affairs are good, and not that of one only for the believer; if he has been given gifts he thanks; was good for him, or been given tough life he bears it patiently; and it was good for him). Narrated by Muslim 

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