Friday, February 4, 2011

Google Finally Launches The Web-Based Android Market

As expected, Google finally unveiled the web based Android Market at the Android Honeycomb event in the Google Headquarters. The web-based Android Market was first showed off at the Google I/O 2010. Until now, it was not possible to browse different apps from your favorite browser, but Google went a step ahead and launched the Android Market webstore.

It allows you to browse different apps, so that you can easily install it on your Android smartphones. The Android Market webstore shows the featured apps, top paid apps and free apps on the homepage. You can even search and learn more about your favorite apps. It also allows you to install Android apps directly from the webstore.

Currently there are 7 categories for games and 26 different categories for apps in the newly launched webstore. Google has also announced the support for in-app purchases. To check out the Android Market webstore, head over to this page. Stay tuned for more updates.

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