Tuesday, February 1, 2011

With no Internet, Egypt news freed by Google SayNow #Jan25

Egypt airs its protests, despite the lack of Internet connectivity. How can Egyptians get the news out? Google's SayNow team has a plan.

Speak2Tweet logo

As the final Egypt Internet connection disappears, how can protesters get their messages out? Google's latest acquisition, SayNow, is offering a free service for Egyptians to phone in their messages: speak2tweet. In IT Blogwatch, bloggers wish Egyptians everywhere السلام عليكم.

Your humble blogwatcher curated these bloggy bits for your entertainment. Not to mention Lackadaisy Expressions...

Robert McMillan says it now:

Google, which purchased SayNow just last week, has hacked together a "speak-to-tweet service" for Egyptians ... who can't connect with Twitter. ... The last remaining major ISP ... Noor Group, abruptly disconnected ... Monday.
The speak-to-tweet service automatically puts the voicemail on ... a Twitter message posted to Google's Speak2tweet Twitter account. ... many of them in Arabic -- including commentary and reports from Egypt ... as people take to the streets to call for democratic reforms to the unpopular government of President Hosni Mubarak.

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